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Avril Mills

Healthy Individuals

The gift of LIFEGAIN® improved my family’s quality of life during lockdown.

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Debbie-Lee & Oliver Moses

Healthy Individuals

I use LIFEGAIN® daily as I have a very busy life working as a marketing freelancer.

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Joan van Wyngaard

Active Individuals

I’m a runner that has discovered LIFEGAIN® and I’ve never looked back.

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MJ Pelser

Active Individuals

I need excellent nutrition to stay in peak condition and there is no other brand like LIFEGAIN®!

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Ann Laubscher

Knee Surgeries

When I came out of hospital after my first op, I started to use LIFEGAIN® and I must say I healed very nicely.

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Brett Renecle

Major Surgery

Just before the Covid-19 outbreak in South Africa my mom went to visit my brother in Johannesburg.

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Antoinette van der Merwe

Intestinal Surgery

I definitely recommend LIFEGAIN®. LIFEGAIN® made a huge difference in my life.

LIFEGAIN® LITERALLY keeping my wife alive

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Gail Renecle

Major Surgery

My mom who is in her sixties has had two brain surgeries to remove tumours.

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Gerry and Kobie Booyse


The story that changed both my husband and my life completely thanks to LIFEGAIN®.

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Major Heart Surgery

I am truly thankful that I found LIFEGAIN® shake to assist with my recovery and get my life back.

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Kaylee Aitken

Managing Illness

LIFEGAIN® has restored my energy levels, productivity and improved my immune system.

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Khosi Mshali

HIV Positive

I would recommend LIFEGAIN® to anyone with HIV to help them to have the strength they need to manage their illness.

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Yvonne Goosen

Multi-drug Resistant Tuberculosis

I believe that LIFEGAIN® enhanced the process of my body’s healing.

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Linda Smith

Ovarian Cancer

We were introduced to LIFEGAIN®. Linda managed to drink it and started to regain some of the weight she had lost.

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Managing Diabetes

Thank you for restoring the smiles and life in our family again! LIFEGAIN®. OUR LIFESAVER!

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Chris Grobler

Stage 4 Melanoma

LIFEGAIN® has truly made a huge difference in my life. Go LIFEGAIN® !!!

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Larry Aitken


LIFEGAIN® provides me with tremendous nutritional support!

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If you use LIFEGAIN® either to maintain your health or to assist with managing an illness or recovery from surgery, hospitalisation, illness, or injury we would love to hear your story. Your story can help to inspire others who may be facing the challenges of a variety of conditions or you can help to motivate others to maintain their wellbeing whilst living an active or busy lifestyle. If you are using LIFEGAIN® because it is gluten or lactose free, we would love to hear from you too.

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